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and a new label…

after much thought, i’m going to start another venture to waste plastic and cobalt the first release on house of violence is a 4cd collection from house mother four hour-ish tracks of shifting wall noise.

trou/ch split tape finally out

with more apologies than will ever make it right, my split with trou is finally ready for yr ears. c90, with an itchy, scorched earth decimation from trou, and some kind of drone to wall to more wall from me. my usual crap. and stickers too. hoorah. edition of 40   mainland europeans should pester […]

time passes…

new guff:   aetheric records did me the honour of releasing hymns, a while back. hardcore fans amongst you will be horrified to learn that it contains zero crackles and rumbling walls, and instead is a heavy dose of sh-101 worship. get it here. please.   back in hnw land, the fine, and industrious reason […]

a constant slew of developments

yep, i’m a social media mover/shaker.   so anyway, in no order of merit, here are some things you might take the slightest interest in:   fight your own war i have a chapter in this new book, explaining to all and sundry why hnw is so great. for those 99% of you who aren’t […]

still breathing.

ja.   its been a quiet few months, because i’m meant to have been busy on something, but, of course, i haven’t been busy with that thing. and thus, i am still doing said thing. very slowly.   anyway. at some point, the eternally delayed (raises hand, accepts blame) split with karl zero map came […]

the brit-pop reckoning. finally

many of my generation were left scarred by the horrors of brit-pop. we don’t laugh about it, we don’t talk about it; but the spectre haunts us (and europe) now, finally, in the smallest way, i will exact the tiniest of revenges upon this hydra and by revenge, i mean that i will make a […]

post jaunt kerfuffles

well, the jaunting was done, and done is the jaunting lorenzo abbatoir was a joy to tour with, not least because every night he was staggering to watch; but also because he’s a good man i taught him useful english sayings like ‘wrong end of the stick’, and he taught me that italians ‘touch metal’ […]

jaunting… soon.

clive henry with Lorenzo Abbatoir uk tour :: 2015 2 June – London, Ryans bar 3 June – Bristol, Cafè kino 4 June – Brighton, The Green Door Store 5 June – Lincoln, Decimal place 6 June – Manchester, Ducie Bridge 7 June – Nottingham, Cell 14 Record Shop 8 June – Leeds, Fox & […]

tempting failure…

  greets its not often i ramble here on anything, but i think the tempting failure weekend needs to be poured into letters. i was honoured to be chosen to perform, in a duo with the magnificent yol, at the main performance event – the climax to a week of performances and workshops. i arrived […]

audio-visual spew

two things for thee:   the first, a track on a glorious compilation, honouring mr midwich. available hier, its got twenty-seven tracks from old, old men and bright young things. over three hours of divine noise and drone. you’d be a fool not to.   the second, my face, a cardboard box and lots of […]