post jaunt kerfuffles

well, the jaunting was done, and done is the jaunting

lorenzo abbatoir was a joy to tour with, not least because every night he was staggering to watch; but also because he’s a good man

i taught him useful english sayings like ‘wrong end of the stick’, and he taught me that italians ‘touch metal’

our respective nations have ne’er been so bonded.

we managed to record together, and hopefully that will be out at some point. somewhere. somehow.


i’d like to thank all the promoters, sound-persons and attendees: thank you!

i’d also like to retract that gesture from some of the sound-persons, bless them.

i’m kind of bored of quiet noise gigs.

i don’t need loud loud, but rooms require a certain volume.

that is all.


there are a few photos and videos floating around, which i’ll gather here….