the brit-pop reckoning. finally

many of my generation were left scarred by the horrors of brit-pop.

we don’t laugh about it, we don’t talk about it; but the spectre haunts us (and europe)

now, finally, in the smallest way, i will exact the tiniest of revenges upon this hydra

and by revenge, i mean that i will make a lot of noise in the same fieldĀ as Noel Gallagher and his high flying birds or whatever

this act will clearly have some massive symbolic power and resonance


i will be performing as part of Tempting Failure’s silent noise dive, alongside/opposing the mighty yol.

something i look forward to

this will all take place at the Latitudes festival, in suffolk, on the 17/18/19th of july

its going to be the best kind of horrible

and the worst kind of good.