still breathing.



its been a quiet few months, because i’m meant to have been busy on something, but, of course, i haven’t been busy with that thing.

and thus, i am still doing said thing.

very slowly.



at some point, the eternally delayed (raises hand, accepts blame) split with karl zero map came out. a c120, because.

two hours worth of drone. sometimes caressing, sometimes abrasive.

finally completes the mating rituals quadrilogy.

about three years late.

all good.


there’s a few things around the corner, waiting, too.


i also had a jaunt around parts of the uk with two very good comrades of mine, mr seth cooke and mr daniel bennett.

i think we loved up a fair storm.


an exciting thing is just birthing, and i will scribble upon it later.


also, the cockney rejects are really great.