a constant slew of developments

yep, i’m a social media mover/shaker.


so anyway, in no order of merit, here are some things you might take the slightest interest in:


fight your own war


i have a chapter in this new book, explaining to all and sundry why hnw is so great. for those 99% of you who aren’t remotely interested, i throw taylor swift, minecraft and peter zapffe into the mix; to annoy everyone. i also believe, and fervently hope, that this is the first time someone has combined these elements. a-huh. i also do a wee piece worshipping at the altar of dave phillips. he has already pointed out a painful mistake in it, but i still love him. the book is published by the mighty Headpress, and its available here, in hardback form – the paperback is due out in october. the hardback includes a download album of tracks by some of the contributors.





tempting failure 2016

i was again honoured to perform at this great festival, and doubly honoured to perform with my good friend mr yol.


we did a piece called Boxed In, which was incredibly hot and incredibly fun. at this point i should publicly apologise for endangering innocent onlookers with shards of cardboard and lumps of rusty metal…

2_tempting-failure_chenry-and-yol_boxed-in_006anyhoo, it was grand and we need to do more of this. i couldn’t make much of the festival, due to it being spread across a week in london, and work demanded me each morn. but its great to see the festival has grown again, and i look forward to next year! (all photos taken by Julia Bauer, and supported by Tempting Failure CIC and Arts Council England)


for the festival, i had the pleasure of mentoring mr james shearman, in his creation of a piece for TF2016. this was (hopefully!) an interesting and illuminating experience for both us, and we intend to carry this relationship forwards into future collaborations.





live guff

apart from TF2016, i also played a great all dayer in cardiff



(photo courtesy of heather jones)


recorded consumerables

writing for the book put me out of action for a bit, so i have a backlog of recordings to find homes for, as well as a backlog of things to do. all good.

two bandcamp things here, on julian skrobek’s process label:




i have a track (or two… ha) on this monstrous compilation – thank you james shearman!



very pleased to be on this comp from strange rules:


(cassettes available from strange rules)


i did this cryptic thing for mr killick’s maniacal laugh label:



and fresh off the press, live LACH collaborations with lorenzo abbatoir, from our tour together:



(tape or digimon)


future blah

various things that should have been released years ago, and various things in gestation

all guaranteed to disappoint.



oi oi