journal of the belgae folk club

since the mid 1970s, the belgae folk club has quietly and rigorously pursued research in the areas of popular song and instrumentation. having split from the wessex folk club (which was itself comprised of defectors from the hampshire folk club), it held its first meeting on the 12th of december, 1975. this meeting was chaired by mr henry beckett, with an inaugural twelve members. the next meeting, in january 1976, was attended by only three members; the remainder having sheepishly rejoined the wessex folk club, citing mr beckett’s “unscientific and unorthodox methodology and interests”. undeterred, nay, strengthened by this revolt, the belgae folk club was able to produce a wealth of materials and ideas; all of which have remained unseen by those outside the actual group. it continues to this day, still three-strong and still quiet and rigorous. it is thus with great pleasure and honour, that we are able to offer a peek at some of the works of this much neglected organisation…

printed by stumptown printers, and decorated by johannes hoie, these beautiful and painfully hand-assembled research journals from the belgae folk club, are presented in the modern “mini-cdr” format and are all limited to 50 copies.

(in the event of overwhelming demand, and at the editor’s discretion, some editions may be re-issued in a second run of 50 copies)

please do not contact us with any correspondence for mr beckett.

vol. I – dogeeseseegod – forthcoming…

hardon for hadron – teambrick by joobelga folclu

vol. II – team brick – hardon for hadron
this is the sound of mr brick running amok in yr computer; or, to be more precise, that spectrum 48k you had as a child. viral.


volkhaus – dtv by joobelga folclu

vol. III – dtv – volkhaus
documentation of a live aktion in bristol, july 2008. orgone processing and stasis/shift construction. indeed, a journey thru a body.


smashed tractor – astral social club by joobelga folclu

vol. IV – astral social club – smashed tractor
swirling, colourful spans of ecstatic noise from mr neil campbell. yip.


1 – skjolbat by joobelga folclu

vol. V – skjolbat – s/t -staggering guitar/gong recordings from the improv duo of mr d bennett (skjolbrot, hunting lodge, finnegans wake) and mr m nolan (MASTER GONG SMITH)


waterfall – dave phillips by joobelga folclu

vol. VI – dave phillips – waterfall
a powerful piece from one of the most provoking artists working today: schimpfluch-gruppe member, dave phillips

this is now sold out. mr phillips has the last remaining copies.




all journals are £6 postage paid in the united kingdom. please email alittlecreature [at] gmail [dott] com to purchase, putting “research materials” in the title.