honour and excitement!

i am beyond pleased to announce that i will be performing at tempting failure this year

if that wasn’t enough magnificence, i’ll be performing a duo (a duet, rather) with the mighty yol

exciting, non?

Tempting Failure 2014 final line up v1


i’ve only met yol a couple of times in the flesh and probably spent no more than thirty minutes in his presence, so, given that the performance will have no planning, the duet will be a true leap in the dark.

at the moment, the main emotion this elicits is terror.

we’ll see.

tempting failure will have a whole week of festivities, with free workshops and performances leading up to the main event: two nights of intriguing joy from the names on that poster.

i can’t pretend to know all of them (i spend most of my time in my room, surrounded by distortion pedals), but the names i do recognise are wondrous.

if joke lanz (sudden infant), alice kemp, thomas john bacon and yol can’t shift you from yr seat, well…

and from the noise contingent, i will be saying hello to mr party levitation and also mr nw.


so, bristol folk have no excuse and the rest of you have to travel.

tickets are hier


please purchase, support and spread the word!


radio bye-bye

alas, basic fm has come to an end and with it my attempts at radio entertainment….

you have a chance to catch the last show, but after that: nada.

in time, i will archive the shows somewhere

sludge round-up

heres whats happened since i last looked up (in no particular order)…




vatican analog released my “apologies for bailing on the gig due to crippling dental pain” track, downloadable at “name yr price” hier

(again, an impassioned plea about the dangers of chewing contact mics…)

also downloadable, two compilation tracks:

first molar infection, on HNW KOMPILATION II : A static experience of Mu, hier

a crying child, stamping its feet in the playground, on Harsh Noise Waltz, hier


in physical form:

colder, a tape/download of electronic noise/something. non-hnw. on the esteemed KIKS/GFR label, available hier

a cdr of “hnw/etc” which i’m very pleased with, on the fantastic breaching static label, hier

annnd a special vhs only split with the stealthy vag



more muchness

two exciting new projects, both linked in name:


house of violence distro

to attempt to make it easier/cheaper to get hold of US releases, i’ve started a distro…

it will be hnw-heavy to begin with, but i’ll be stocking anything i care to.

hopefully it’ll develop into a useful resource….


house of violence radio show

the house decides on a pertinent debate topic for the moment
the house gathers sonic materials relevant to this
the house piles said materials on the floor
the house stamps pile into ruins
the house debates ruins
the house asks what has been learnt

nothing is ever learnt.


hosted by the interesting basic fm, mondays 11am, fridays, 9pm

much muchness

since we last conversed:



played the Archaeology gig in winchester, which i “enjoyed” (as much as i ever can!)

the soundguy accidentally sabotaged my set, when he put his leads into the wrong outs on my mixer – which i SHOULD have checked. no point whinging…

anyway, this led to about ten long seconds of silence and confusion mid-set, but i survived. i had no idea how loud to push things (i had to use the headphone dial for overall volume control), but i gather it was loud ENOUGH.

the very hospitable promoters, the ologies, have given me an audio recording and a video recording. youtube may thus beckon…


i didn’t perform a wall set, but i did attempt a (with hindsight) crustpunk version of alvin lucier’s “i am sitting in a room”; possibly retitled: “i am standing before you, with a crappy dictaphone in each hand”.


next live performance – saturday july 5th, at electric knife record shop. 2pm start.


new releases:

day of the woman, on worthless recordings

there are a couple of excerpts on the worthless site. very proud to have a release on such a great label.


and a track on HNW KOMPILATION II : A static experience of Mu, on nahàsh atrym productions






ages… waiting… bus… several… etc

a sudden flurry of releases!




the ridiculously delayed split with the wonderful Small Hours – the delay being entirely my fault



and the slightly less delayed split with the equally wonderful Ataraxy



and the “ultra-delayed” (sorry sven! ha) resident evil 3″. released on plague, with my thanks to sven




and finally, i have advance non-delayed copies of my split with joined by wire, on soundholes. my thanks to stephen and daniel


details for all these can be found in the documentation section.


on the live front, i’m pleased to be playing locally again




this won’t be a wall set, rather i’ll get the chance to sit and play with pedals.

very much looking forward to it, tho at the moment, i’m not entirely sure how my set-up actually works.

on the plus side, i’m not entirely sure how my set-up actually works.

crater words



(photo by idwal fisher)

the crater lake fest in leeds was a great day.

its telling that the two main reviews (that i’ve seen) from idwal fisher and radio free midwich both concentrate on what a genuinely warm, joyful time it was for all (barring pete’s sickness). i can only concur with that and say that its on my calendar for next year. as always, at these things, i end up getting a tiny sliver of conversation with each person; which is always frustrating. but i have come to the conclusion that clive + playing gigs doesn’t always make for a fun experience. so there it is.

nevertheless, i made the acquaintance of some folks i’ve waited to meet for a long time; and revisited some that i very rarely get to see.

the music, if not uniformly awe-inspiring, was at times totally amazing; the start of filthy turd and yol’s set is somewhat burned into my memory forever. but i got something from every set, and its not often you can say that about a festival line-up.

i also met mr bbblood again, after maybe ten years or something silly. he was drunk. i was sober as a judge. all was love.

and the stars held their breath as i embraced joincey for the first time ever. i could venture a guess of “knowing” each other for maybe fifteen years, but at last, finally, in the flesh… we used to correspond (USING PAPER AND STAMPS. oh my) insanely. i’d write to him and then four days later receive several pages of a4 covered in scribble from him; i’d reply the next day or something and back we went. we traded, collaborated as STARRATS and everything. i still believe that Face Like A Slapped Arse is probably the best label name ever. anyway, as the years went by, i slipped out of trading, went a bit quiet. we’ve had contact here and there, but nothing to equal the intensity of a young love. funnily enough, we didn’t say too much as we finally met – but what could be said?

a pleasure, all



another reason for employing a personal assistant

would be the lack of glasgow gig tonight.

a long planned performance with a cavalcade of stars won’t be taking place due to a h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s oversight on my part.

i won’t tell you what it is

some things are best left unsaid

post cratering surveyance

one day, i will employ a secretary to do reasonable updates….



what have we done?

destroyed a tooth chewing clip mics in preparation for optimus prime noisefest IV, in tilburg:



staying home in pain 1 – 0 performing at the fest



played in bristol with the ever-laudable kev petals:



played at the annual crater lake fest in leeds, with a line-up to die for:





cuttings – a collaboration between myself, charlotte and julian skrobek

Cuttings - Scar Tissue Frequencies - IRR12 - 2014 - COVER

i’m honoured to have worked with such inspiring people.

brutal rocket science.



the releases that were last mentioned as in the ether, are still in the ether

however, my upcoming split with the mighty joinedbywire has sneaked into the light, here

i, myself, have delayed two releases massively.

one is with a wall noise legend, and is maybe one of my best recordings yet

t’other is with a rising star, and is a somewhat pertinent release for me.


so future transmissions will involve:

a fine wall tape on the finest label

a fine electroacousticollage/whatever tape on a fine label

some electronoise on another grand label

a fine wall-ish tape on yet another grand label

an interesting thing






some pittances for yr consideration…

here’s what’s happened, happening and going to happen:


i had the honour of being invited to complete the hnw questionary, by the admirable noise admiration site

my sparkling cover of “adrenalin” by throbbing gristle has been released on a TG tribute comp, on Bored Bear 

i have three tapes, all of which i’m very proud of, hovering in the ether waiting for release

i have a batch of new stuff which will hopefully be out in the new year (with my sincerest apologies to someone who i’ve really left waiting…)

i have just finished a couple of releases, one of which is….i n t e r e s t i n g

and myself and a collaborative partner are currently shopping our exciting new creation to every major noise label in town



i will be making a racket at Optimus Prime Noisefest IV, in tilburg, on sunday, 12th of january, 2014; and hoping to quickly grab some more dates (he said optimistically)

i will be travelling across albion in march, so please contact yr local noize promoter and insist….